Stark’s Research Group



Front Row from left to right:
Rodrigo Fernandez – Fully Softened Strength for Clay Slopes and Drilled Shaft in Weak Rocks
Mario Hernandez – Fabricated Geomembranes
Dr. Timothy D. Stark, P.E.
Jiarui Chen – PSDDF for Coastal Restoration
Sanjana Ramesh – Seepage Analyses for Levees and Floodwalls
Mrs. Jennifer Miller – Fabricated Geomembrane Institute Coordinator
Wenjing Li – Foundation Engineering Class Notes

Back Row from left to right:
Yifei Hong – Seismic Stability of Landfills
Sean Hayter – Soil Liquefaction and Ballast Degradation
Ahmed Baghdady – Oso Landslide and Drilled Shaft in Weak Rocks
Andony Landivar-Marcias – Fully Softened and Undrained Shear Strengths for Static and Seismic Slope Stability
Steve Wilk – Numerical Modeling of Railway Transitions and Ballast Degradation
Enok Cheon – Geomembrane Interface Strengths
Guo Cheng – Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes

Not Pictured:
Clint Wilson – Construction Management
Hannah Bloomberg – Field Monitoring of Railway Transitions

Current Research Projects

Fabricated Geomembrane Institute – Industry Sponsored Research Institute

Aluminum Reactions and Effects of Elevated Temperatures in MSW Landfills, National Science Foundation

Engineering Properties of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), National Science Foundation

Mitigation of Differential Movement at US High Speed Passenger Rail and Joint Passenger/Freight Railway Transitions, with Dr. E. Tutumluer of U. of Illinois, Federal Railroad Administration.

Seismic Testing for Track Substructure (Ballast and Subgrade) Assessment, with E. Tutumluer of U. of Illinois, S. Nazarian of U. of Texas at El-Paso, and C. Ho of U. of Mass. at Amherst, Federal Railroad Administration.

Development of Procedures for Determining the Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts Founded in Illinois Shales, with Dr. J.H. Long of U. of Illinois, Illinois Center for Transportation.

Identification of High Speed Rail Ballast Flight Risk Factors and Risk Mitigation, with R. Saat, T.C. Kao, and E. Tutumluer of U. of Illinois, Federal Railroad Administration.

Use of Geocells in Railway Applications, Coral Group

Undrained Shear Strength for Seismic Stability of Clay Slopes, CH2M-HILL

Post Construction Deformations of Compacted Fill Slopes, University of Illinois

Laser Based Detection System for U.S. High Speed Rail, with Dr. R. Benekohal and L. Goddard of U. of Illinois, Federal Railroad Administration; PROPOSED.

Use of Geothermal Resources at O’Hare Airport, O’Hare Modernization Project, Chicago, IL, PROPOSED