Highway Construction Experience

Highway construction experience includes evaluating a Type I differing site condition, retaining wall, and bridge related claims for a privatized toll road project in California, serving on a Dispute Resolution Board for a large highway interstate expansion project in Ohio, evaluating a differing site condition claim for roadway and structural fill in Colorado, conducting research and consulting on the use of geofoam in roadway embankments and stabilization of roadway slopes, design, construction, and performance of roadway embankments and asphalt pavements. Recent projects are listed below and additional details are presented in attached Curriculum Vitae:

EPS Molders Association, Crofton, MD, Develop EPS-Block Geofoam Handbook, 2009 – date.O’Neil Construction, Denver, CO: Differing site condition claim, 2008 – date.National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Geofoam slope stabilization, 2006 – date.

Ohio Department of Transportation, Columbus, OH: Dispute Resolution Board Member, 2006 – date.

Bell, Rosenberg & Hughes, Oakland, CA: Construction claim Evaluations, 2005 – date.

Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C.: Synthesis on Use of Geosynthetics in Pavements, 2006 – 2009.

National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Geofoam roadway embankments, 1998 – 2002.

Transportation Technology Center, Pueblo, CO: Real-time landslide detection, 2000-2002.